IPS Interview Question and Answer

IPS Interview Question and Answer

IPS Interview Question and Answer in Hindi

After you beat IPS exam, in order to prepare for Interview you need to get sufficient material related to interview questions and answers. In order to help candidates in their interview preparation, Union Public Service Commission has decided to release IPS Interview Question and Answer in Hindi.

Once you match your marks form the cut off list and being confirm about the call for interview. You need to show your presentation skills and your capability to give answer smartly in front of interview panel. Your positive attitude right motivation will help you in cracking the interview. For the benefit of all our visitors we are providing some good Interview Preparation Tips so that you can able to crack the interview and join police service.

IPS Interview Preparation Tips

Start your Interview Preparation soon: Applicants should not start the interview preparation after getting the interview call. He/She must start preparing from the start of the year along with exam preparation.

Start Interview Greetings: Once you enter the interview hall you must greed everyone by saying good morning, noon, evening or Namaskar/ Namaste Sir / Madam.

Keep in mind your Data of Pre and Main Exam: While giving answers in interview you may be asked questions related to your performance your Pre and Main Emans. Therefore refresh yourself what you did there.

Be Positive and display positive attitude: If you are appearing in interview for the first time then be positive and display positive attitude while answering the questions.

Speak in clear and low voice: It does not matter you answering your interview in Hindi or English. What matter is how effectively you are communicating your answers. How is your command over that particular language.

Listen calmly before Answer: Candidates should listen to the interviewer properly before answering anything. It is good to listen completely and then answer rather interrupting when interviewer is speaking. Also, if you didn’t heard or understand interviewer correctly ask him/her to repeat/explain the question.

Why you want to join IAS? This would be the first question that you have to answer. Therefore prepare a conscientious reply beforehand, so you can find it easy to answer.

For Serious Question give a Serious Reply: If you are asked a serious question then your answer must be serious too with regarding question. You have to demonstrate them that you are responsible and care regarding what they are asking.

Set some answers for little questions (about hobby etc.): You must prepare answers in advance for light and less serious questions. Its a good opportunity to mend the gap between the candidate and interviewer. The board members should obtain an opportunity to laugh at some point in time.

Take Your Additional Subjects Seriously: The additional subjects which you will choose for the civil service examinations should be taken seriously. Normally, it is seen that applicants tend to pay test attention on their additional subject. So, do not neglect your additional subjects because they might ask questions related to it.

Your Views must be impartial and fair: You should not be biased regarding a particular subject or topic. So answer impartially to show that your are a broad mind and unbiased person.

Good General Knowledge is necessary: Gk is always a key to success in any interview. You must know regarding some good personality from India and around the world.

Do Not Show anger or frustration if rejected: After the entire discussion, if you feel from the body language of the interviewers that you will not get selected, do not show anger or frustration at them. Keep your calm and wait for final result.

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